maison fauna x MFTR durable canvas bag - Manufactur Studio

A super durable tote this is the kind of bag that always has your back.  Its the kind of bag you want to be like. Smart, sexy, a little rough around the edges, and only gets better with age. It's the kind of bag that picks you up when you fall down. It might go to the farmers market for you and cook you breakfast just because.  It reads hardcover books and has the will to limit its screen time. It's got a diversified stock portfolio and has some tips for you too.   It's the kind of bag that makes people ask "where did you get that bag?".  So get one, before they're all gone.

Whats it good for?

  • Go to grocery store bag

  • The best bag for the beach

  • One up your friends at the farmers market

  • Cool personal tote for the guys

  • Functional purse for the ladies

  • Carry large amount of cash

  • Store Tools / DJ Gear

  • Might hold water for a little while if you're in a pinch

  • The outside is definitely water resistant at least

  • Collecting eggs


maison fauna x MFTR durable canvas bag

Edition of 150

Waxed Canvas